Plan Commission

The Crawfordsville Plan Commission consists of nine members: four appointed by the Mayor; one member named from the Park Board by that Board; one member of the City Council; two traditionally appointed by the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners to represent the two-mile area; and the city engineer. The commission coordinates planning and zoning in the City and the extra-territorial two-mile area outside the City limits. The Commission's decisions are subject to approval by the City Council. The Commission considers primary approval of subdivision proposals and delegates a secondary or final approval to a plat committee.

Ethan Hollander (Mayoral Appointment)

President, David Hadley (County Commissioner Appointment)

Vice-President, Phillip Littell (County Commissioner Appointment)

Joe Boswell (Mayoral appointment)

Secretary, Joyce Burnette (Mayoral Appointment)

Richard Simonds (Park Board Appointment)

Dan Guard (City Council Appointment)

Troy Swan (City Engineer)

Vacancy (Mayoral Appointment)

Upcoming Meetings
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