Inspection Division

                  Bechtel                         Civilian Inspector

                                Brian Bechtel                                                             Mark Evans

                  Division Chief of Code Enforcement                                         Fire Inspector      



The primary mission of the Crawfordsville Fire Department Code Enforcement & Life Safety Division is to provide the citizens of Crawfordsville with the highest level of life safety, Environmental Preservation and Property Protection from the hazards of fire in all Class 1 structures.

Utilizing the efforts of the Chief of Code Enforcement and the Fire Inspector, this mission shall be attained through the education of our citizens about fire and life safety, as well as the enforcement of all building and fire protection codes, adopted by the State of Indiana and the City of Crawfordsville, through fire and life safety inspections and the plan review process.


Working together for a safer community, the Code Enforcement and Life Safety Division serves our Fire Protection district by:

  • Reviewing site and construction plans for all new commercial occupancies, apartment complexes and subdivisions.
  • Examining all fire protection plans (Fire Alarms, Sprinklers and alternate suppression systems.)
  • Performing necessary new construction inspections.
  • Conducting existing site inspections and necessary compliance inspections.

Fire Protection Permits, Forms & Applications:

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