The City of Crawfordsville, Indiana

Small City... Big Possibilities

Local Business Climate

Industry Strengths & Targets

In Indiana we make things and the same is true for Crawfordsville. The manufacturing sector accounts for 25% of employment in Montgomery County. Manufacturers are diverse and specialize in metals, paper, food, plastics, and fabrication. In addition to the manufacturing sector we are proactively pursuing sectors that complement our current business base which include: R&D, IoT, and Logistics.


Strength in Power & Renewables

Unlike many communities, Crawfordsville owns its own electric utility. Crawfordsville Electric Light & Power (CEL&P) is a member of the Indiana Municipal Power Agency (IMPA) and has some of the lowest rates in Indiana—often 10-20% lower than competitors. The partnership with IMPA helps provide a low-cost, reliable, and environmentally responsible power supply to members. A commitment to renewable energy sources is important to the Crawfordsville community and is a strong component in the CEL&P and IMPA power generation portfolio. Currently, CEL&P has nearly 30MW of solar power accounting for 50% of their average peak load. Additionally, all solar power produced remains on the CEL&P distribution system keeping rates even lower while reducing the carbon footprint.

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