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The City of Crawfordsville has an array of tools to help new and expanding businesses succeed and will work with you to customize an incentive package for your specific needs.

  • Crawfordsville Jobs & Investment Creation Fund

Created in 2018, this fund allows the City some flexibility in providing additional assistance outside the traditional tools used by many municipalities. In fact, it is monies from this fund which were used to provide 42 resiliency loans to small businesses during the COVID pandemic.


  • Property Tax Abatement

This program allows for the phase-in of a company’s property tax liability associated with new investment in real and/or personal property. By Indiana statute, the period of phase-in can be anywhere from 1 to 10 years. Eligible investments include new construction and equipment used in manufacturing, research & development, logistics & distribution, and information technology. Land is not eligible for abatement in Indiana.


  •  Tax Increment Finance (TIF)

This program allows a local redevelopment commission to designate targeted “allocation areas” for economic development purposes. The property taxes generated from new construction in the TIF can be set aside and invested back in the area to promote development. These property tax revenues can be leveraged by the issuance of TIF bonds, the proceeds of which also can be used to promote development in the area. By Indiana statute, TIF revenues may be used directly to finance public infrastructure, land acquisition, site improvements, and other public improvements. Alternatively, TIF revenues may be pledged to the payment of bonds or lease rental obligations issued or incurred to finance such projects. Only taxes on real property, and taxes on depreciable personal property used in industrial, manufacturing, warehousing, research and development, processing, distribution, or transportation-related projects, qualify for the use of the TIF mechanism.


Indiana has a variety of tax credit and exemption programs available for new and expanding businesses. Our City’s staff stands ready to assist you in pursuit of qualifying incentive programs.

  • Economic Development for a Growing Economy (EDGE) Tax Credit

A refundable performance-based credit against a company’s Indiana corporate tax liability based on meeting certain pledged hiring and payroll commitments.


  • Hoosier Business Investment (HBI) Tax Credit

A non-refundable tax credit that can be carried forward up to ten years to offset a company’s Indiana corporate tax liability based upon qualifying capital expenditures.


  • Skills Enhancement Fund (SEF) Grants

This grant can be utilized by companies to offset up to 50% of eligible training expenses associated with the hiring or re-training needs of the company.


  • Headquarters Relocation Tax Credit (HRTC)

Provides a tax credit to corporations that relocate their headquarters to Indiana. The credit equals half the moving costs and is assessed against the corporation’s state tax liability.

For more information or assistance with state incentive programs, please visit the Indiana Economic Development Corporation.   

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