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How do I obtain a building permit? 

To obtain a building permit in the City of Crawfordsville or the 2-mile zone for residential new construction, addition, remodel, pool, shed, porch, deck, and/or fence the following must be completed:

  1. Submit a permit application to the Department of Planning & Community Development with the following:
    • Complete appropriate application
    • Complete set of construction plans (floor plan, typical wall section, truss print, and plumbing)
    • Complete site plan
    • Complete Subcontractor listing
  2. The Department of Planning & Community Development will review the application permit form along with the construction plans to ensure all building requirements have been satisfied.
    • Please Note: If a residential home is on a septic system, a septic permit will have to be obtained from the Montgomery County Health Department. The Department of Planning & Community Development will perform a Storm Water Review.

Once the Storm Water Review is complete, a copy will be faxed to the MC Health Department. The Health Department will complete its review and issue a septic permit. Once the City receives a copy of the septic permit, the building permit may be issued.

  1. Once the septic permit (if applicable) and building permit application have been approved, the permit may be issued. The planning staff will complete the permit and calculate the fees associated with your project.
  2. Planning staff will contact you with the approval and the fee for your project. You may pay for and pick up your permit. Office hours are 8:00 AM-12:00 PM & 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM Monday- Friday unless otherwise scheduled in advance. Permits may also be mailed out to the applicant or owner if requested, upon receipt of payment.
  3. Inspections will be scheduled by the owner or applicant directly with the City Building Inspector.
  4. Once the final inspection has been completed, the Department of Planning will issue a certificate of occupancy. A copy will be mailed to the owner and the applicant of each permit.

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