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The Crawfordsville Police Department (CPD) is comprised of forty one sworn officers, two clerical, a two-member meter department, and five crossing guards. Overseeing the department is the three member Metropolitan Board of Police Commissioners. These are citizens appointed by the mayor who conduct hiring and implement general personnel policies of the CPD.

The structure of our sworn staff consists of the following; Chief of Police, Assistant Chief, twenty nine uniformed patrol division officers, and five criminal investigators. All sworn officers are required to successfully meet the training requirements specified by the fifteen-week Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. Additionally, our department requires eight months of intense training prior to patrolling independently throughout our community. Officers must complete twenty-four hours of state approved training annually to retain their powers.

As recently as 25 years ago the CPD handled approximately 5,000 service calls annually. In 2005 these service call figures exceeded 23,000. To help offset this demand we are supported by a fifteen member reserve officer program made up of community volunteers. These volunteers assist with various tasks including parades, festivals, athletic events and routine patrols.

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You'll need more than the luck of the Irish to get you home safely after a night of drinking. Make a plan before you party. Remember: Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over. ... See moreSee less

You’ll need more than the luck of the Irish to get you home safely after a night of drinking. Make a plan before you party. Remember: Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over.


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Stay safe don’t drink and drive.

Dont drink n drive .call a cab .or call friends n family

You drink and drive, you’re stupid!


We have had a few calls from citizens that have been victims of a few Scams over the past few days.

Please remember that Government agencies will contact you by mail in reference to issues. They will not contact you by phone wanting you to go and buy gift cards to pay a debt. This should be a warning sign if they do.

Please do not provide your information to unknown parties over the phone. This will increase your chances of being a victim of Fraud

If you are unsure of something do not hesitate to contact the local Police Department too ensure that you are not being taken advantage of.

Recent Scam calls have been from subjects saying that they are with the IRS, Social Security Office and other agencies. They also state that there is a warrant for arrest issued in your name. Please stay ALERT
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They do target senior folks! My dad had a call from the SS office the other day. I told him do not talk to them and do not return the call. He's 82 years old. It's hard for the seniors not to trust people. I'm very afraid they will give out information they shouldn't.

I got a call from Egypt yesterday I didn't answer it !!

This warning has been going around for years.....don't be a fool and believe these this says the IRS will mail you a letter if you owe them and then you should still check to see if this is legit...they don't call you by phone from India which most of these calls are from even though your phone will say IRS....don't fall for it....sad that many do..

I got calls from 2 IRS scammers threatening me. So the best thing you can do is fill out a complaint on Gov Curtis Hill's website. The IRS ones really getting nasty with their threats, but don't let them scare you. The IRS and Social Security Administration don't do business that way. Here is the complaint form.

I constantly get the fake indian telemarketers, i feel like they like to target senior folks.

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    Retweeted: @EthanKuhn8: Chief of Police Norman putting the good word out to NMHS students about becoming police officers for Career Day. Thanks @C_
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    As you head out to the parties this #StPatricksDay , remember: #DriveSober or Get Pulled Over. Remember make a plan arrive home safely.

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