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In an effort to maintain social distancing if you need to make a non-emergency report or speak with a police officer please call 765-362-3762 and dial 0 for dispatch.
The department is temporarily suspending the processing of fingerprinting, gun permit applications and local background checks.
We are processing requests for police reports, for information call 765-362-3762 and dial 1 for Records.

The Crawfordsville Police Department (CPD) is comprised of forty one sworn officers, two clerical, a two-member meter department, and five crossing guards. Overseeing the department is the three member Metropolitan Board of Police Commissioners. These are citizens appointed by the mayor who conduct hiring and implement general personnel policies of the CPD.

The structure of our sworn staff consists of the following; Chief of Police, Assistant Chief, twenty nine uniformed patrol division officers, and five criminal investigators. All sworn officers are required to successfully meet the training requirements specified by the fifteen-week Indiana Law Enforcement Academy. Additionally, our department requires eight months of intense training prior to patrolling independently throughout our community. Officers must complete twenty-four hours of state approved training annually to retain their powers.

As recently as 25 years ago the CPD handled approximately 5,000 service calls annually. In 2005 these service call figures exceeded 23,000. To help offset this demand we are supported by a fifteen member reserve officer program made up of community volunteers. These volunteers assist with various tasks including parades, festivals, athletic events and routine patrols.

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The Crawfordsville Police Department would like to thank 'Just Because... Flowers, Gifts & More' for the beautiful bouquet of flowers that were delivered to the Police Department today!! ... See moreSee less

The Crawfordsville Police Department would like to thank Just Because... Flowers, Gifts & More for the beautiful bouquet of flowers that were delivered to the Police Department today!!


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That’s wonderful! Thank you so much for all you do. Stay safe ladies and gentlemen. ❤️🇺🇸

Thank you officers! 🙏🏻 prayers for yours and your families safety.

We need to say thankyou everyday!!! Not when things just get tuff but everyday thst we remain safe. Kuddos

We truly appreciate our police officers and everything they do.Continued prayers for those officers in the direct areas where much of the protesting is going on. 🙏🏻

Amen! Thank you for your service.

Very beautiful

Thanks for all you do!! Please be safe.

That was very thoughtful!

Thank u for protecting us and doing what u do ☺️

Thank you for all you do

Good for them. You all deserve it

I am so impressed

Very nice gesture

That’s so sweet

love this ❤🧡💜

The best!


Thank you for all you do to keep us safe! 🙏🏼

Amen thank you for your service

Thank you all for everything you do!!

Thank you all for all you do

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The Crawfordsville Police Department has been receiving an influx of theft and unauthorized vehicle entry complaints during the night time hours. Please remember to make sure your vehicles are locked when not in use. Also, if it is valuable to you, then make sure it is secured either inside your home or with an anit-theft device. Do not leave anything unattended if it is important to you and/or your family! Stay Safe out there everyone!!
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How fair is it to us law abiding citizens that the law breakers can do and take anything form us with no repercussions?? We work hard for what you got and now people can take it and we have no protection! So sad!

My truck was one of the ones they got into. Luckily I don’t keep anything in there that is worth taking. I do have a ring video security camera and they either didn’t see it or they didn’t care. Unfortunately we didn’t have the subscription to keep the recording. We now have it and would love for them to come back. They were in my driveway at 3:19am.

My car was broken into at 406 West Main last night, alley side. Not much of value taken but it certainly was rummaged through.

Due to Indiana Criminal Rule 26 one individual continues to be released. Crazy...

Ok folks let’s get real about this, it’s not the virus, but stupidly that is causing this. I’m a survivor and a fighter! My parents raised me strong with the saying “what doesn’t hurt you, won’t kill you and it will only make you stronger. Remember we are the ones that are keeping everyone coming up the “lunch line”.

I posted earlier that my truck was one of those that they got into. At first I thought nothing was taken. However today my neighbor found my borescope in his yard. So they left my truck and went East down Binford.

Went over to go to work today and got in my car and saw that somebody had rummaged through it left the center console open pulled some stuff out luckily I leave my door unlocked for a reason I don't have anything in my car that is worth anything. I live by the 4-H Fairgrounds

Nothing against Cville PD...very thankful for their service, but I totally think our state judicial system is flawed.

Is this the same guy that admitted to the police that this was his new occupation and he would keep doing it and police keep arresting him and then let him go under rule 26.

If it helps in anyway, the people who were messing around with my neighbors vehicle drove a silver or tan (it was dark) ford explorer; female driver, she had long thick brown hair, male passenger, he was wearing a cowboy hat.

And for God sakes if you have a gun DONT LEAVE IT IN AN UNLOCKED CAR! 😬

Is it all over town or mostly a specific area?

Id like to Know how many officers are on duty in the county 11-7 between city and county, no disrespect just an honest question

Great advice that still too many people will not listen to.

Do we live in Democrat territory? Do ur job! Lock em up

So basically there are no criminals currently in jail, due to virus shutdown and Rule 26? Once again law abiding citizens just have to get locked up in our own homes, criminals not. It seems even if we secure our belongings, cars and homes, General public is still getting screwed? By the sound of it, the criminals do the crimes, get arrested and then released back into society, without punishment, to do the crimes again! Einstein was right about defining insanity!!

At this point I take the car seat in 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

I got woken up this morning from my car alarm going off, we live right off west main St.

Bring back public hangings, I'll bring the rotten tomatoes.

I agree every 1 should lock there car doors all the time

Bring back Neighbor Crime Watch .

And what is someone does something irksome. And I decide to remove his spine? -Drax

It's a shame we can't just shoot them!

Whip those bikes out.

Seems like a coincidence 🤔

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    E. Market and E. Main are now open again at the railroad crossings.

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