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Street & Sanitation Department

The Crawfordsville Street and Sanitation Department provide service to the community in many ways, taking much pride in maintaining a clean and safe city. The department has 22 full-time employees.

The Crawfordsville Street Department was established on August 17, 1865, when the first city election was held. After the city was incorporated, a street commissioner and an engineer were appointed to do something about the streets in the business district. Poor roads were among the biggest complaints from citizens in those early days. The first Street Commissioner was John W. Ross.

The Crawfordsville Street Department provides maintenance and upkeep to the city streets. The department patches potholes, do street repairs, repair and replace inlets and storm water pipes, and removes snow, ice, and other weather-related annoyances from the city streets for safe travel.


We have various types of equipment: six dump trucks, two 2.5-ton dump trucks, a loader, a backhoe, two bucket trucks, four one-ton trucks, a street sweeper, a road grader, six pickup trucks, a mini-excavator, a road service truck, two patching machines, paint truck, two bobcats, and two tractors with mowers and numerous equipment attachments. All of the equipment we have is used almost daily.

City Trash Pickup

The Sanitation department provides city trash pick up for city residents. The department collects all city trash and recycling at the curbside. The employees collect trash year-round regardless of the weather. The Sanitation department has a new trash truck that picks up trash and recycling at the same time. They also have a second garbage truck used on double pick-up days and is used as a backup. We do streetside recycling for bottles, cans, plastics #1-7, and newspapers. Recyclable materials can also be taken to Walden Transport & Recycle Center located at 302 S. Oak St. Cardboard is not picked up curbside, but can be taken to Walden's Recycle Center for recycling. The department encourages recycling to help reduce the number of items that would normally go into landfills.

The Rodney Jenkins Memorial Yard Waste Site

The Rodney Jenkins Memorial Yard Waste Site was established in 1991 at the old landfill site. It is a facility provided by the city, free of charge, for residents to take limbs, leaves, grass, etc. In the fall, the department picks up leaves curbside for city residents.

Large Item Pickup

The department has a large Item pickup program. They collect large household items at the curbside for city residents. There is a fee of $25 for this program. This is done once a month all year round.

The pick-up is usually on the last Wednesday of the month and is provided to the first one hundred residents who come to our office and pay the fee, starting on the first of the month.

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