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Barton: Community board and commission positions available

Barton: Community board and commission positions available

CRAWFORDSVILLE (Nov. 4, 2021) –The City of Crawfordsville proudly boasts a diverse community of individuals that come from different backgrounds and share different life experiences. That is what makes a city unique, and it is important to have that diversity represented when important decisions are being made. Crawfordsville heavily depends on the citizens that live within our community to step up and volunteer their time on our various boards and commissions to help make those decisions. Currently, there are many open positions on our various boards and commissions that are available, and I urge members of our community to become involved.

Our city’s boards and commissions are made up of concerned and forwardly-motivated citizens who are generously giving their time and talent for the good of our community. These positions are held by your friends and neighbors, and they weigh in on important decisions made with Crawfordsville’s success in mind. They all have the same goal of creating a better community for you, however, the path to this goal can vary based on their individual experiences. That is what makes these boards and commissions so successful.

The current list of Boards and Commissions for which the City of Crawfordsville has vacant seats are as follows: 

  • Board of Zoning Appeals;
  • Historic Preservation Commission;
  • Human Rights Commission;
  • Plan Commission;
  • Housing Authority;
  • Animal Welfare League; and
  • Visitor’s Commission

In addition to these vacancies, appointments to other Boards and Commissions periodically need to be made. These groups are currently made up of very dedicated individuals who are wonderful assets to the city, but we are always looking for more to join. 

The mayor and city council are responsible for most appointments to these entities, and we are always looking for interested citizens who are willing to serve. Time commitments for these positions is typically once a month, unless otherwise specified.

 I truly believe we are on a path of positive progress and many excellent opportunities for our community are now within reach.  It is an exciting time, and I would encourage anyone who would like to become involved and possibly serve on a board or commission to contact me or any city council member.  I can be reached at 765-364-5160 or via email at

The future success of our community is in the hands of our citizens, and I urge anyone interested to get involved.