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Crawfordsville Regional Airport: Take advantage of your local regional airport

Crawfordsville Regional Airport: Take advantage of your local regional airport

The Crawfordsville Regional Airport is building momentum on its successful 2021 year. Our airport here is a local gem for cross-country commuters and local aviation enthusiasts alike that sets Crawfordsville apart from similar communities of our size. We house an attractive, modern facility with a 5,505 ft. runway for convenient air access to Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, and other surrounding communities.

The airport finished a record-breaking year with 100% occupancy in all of our hangars on-site and saw an all-time high at our flight school with over 600 in-flight hours by aircraft renters, students, and instructors. We are continuing to build momentum in our flight school that we acquired in 2015 and hope to help new students realize their passion for flight this summer.

Those interested in learning how to fly with us will be taken on an introductory flight lesson with one of our qualified flight instructors in our single-engine Cessna 172. During this flight, you can try out a few basic procedures, get a feel for the flight process and see Crawfordsville from a few thousand feet up in the air. If you think flying is for you, you can proceed on to your first lesson where you will get to know your instructor, learn the steps to prepare for a safe flight, and get familiar with the controls of the aircraft.

After that, it is into the pilot’s seat and ready for takeoff! You can spend between 30 to 60 minutes in-air learning about the aircraft and practicing a few in-flight maneuvers yourself. If you think flying is for you, we will begin having you work closely with an instructor on the ground and in the air as you work towards receiving your license. You will cover topics from flight planning, radio communications, meteorology, and much more. To become a private pilot, students must spend a minimum of 40 hours in the air, including nearby solo flights, night flights, and long-distance flights across Indiana and neighboring states.

Make this summer your season of “firsts” and try out your hand at flying in a safe, well-supervised setting with industry professionals at your local Crawfordsville Regional Airport.

If flying doesn’t seem like your style, you can still check out our airport day on September 10th. You can participate in our “Touch a Truck” event, check out an IU Lifeline Helicopter up-close, grab some food, and even let your children between the ages of 8 and 17 take a free flight with parent or guardian consent. We hope to see you there.   

If you are interested in learning more about our regional airport or how to get signed up for flight instructions, visit us on the city of Crawfordsville’s webpage, or follow us on Facebook @CrawfordsvilleAirport and Instagram @crawfordsville_airport. We will see you in the sky!