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Trio Get Licensed

Car, Shriver, McCloud Become Licensed

David Car, Sabastian Shriver and Seth McCloud, all members of the Crawfordsville Fire Department, recently completed their training requirements for EMT/paramedic licensure.  All three are waiting to complete their National Registry written exam after completing an intensive year-long paramedic program.

Passing the class and becoming licensed is one of the pre-requisites to being hired as part of the Crawfordsville Fire Department. Since 1998 each member hired must become licensed once being hired. The state does not require all firemen to become licensed paramedics, but the Crawfordsville Fire Department does.

The certification program runs between 12 to 18 months and consist of a national curriculum. This curriculum includes 440 hours in the classroom and laboratory, 270 hours in hospital clinical areas and 480 hours on advanced life support ambulances. All firefighters complete their nearly 1,200 hours of educational in addition to their regularly scheduled 56-hour work weeks consisting of 24 hour shifts. The pass rate for the test for Indiana is just 69 percent.

The exam itself has up to 150 questions and takes 2 ½ hours and also tests the individuals in 12 different skills in a scenario formula.

Upon completion of the testing paramedics are then required to complete 72 hours of continuous training over a two-year period which covers 20 separate skills.

After completion of the program firefighters who currently hold a college degree are eligible for an additional Associate’s of Science Degree. For firefighters with no degree they can enroll through Indiana University and complete an additional 29 credit hours of prerequisite work and receive an Associates of Science from IU school of Medicine, Academic Department of Emergency Medicine.

All three firefighters completed their paramedic science program through IU School of Medicine, Eskenazi Health, and IEMS

Carr, 29, and McCloud, 25, have been with the department since May 13, 2013 and Shriver, 25, since November 14, 2013. All now have the title of Firefighter/Paramedic.