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Residents Warned Of Possible Scam


Date: June 9, 2017
Subject: Possible Scam in City

Residents Warned Of Possible Scam

The City of Crawfordsville has been informed of a possible scam going on concerning someone posing as a City employee.

A report was received today (Friday) of someone knocking on a resident’s door saying they needed to mow their property or they would be fined. The person reporting the incident said it appeared the person was driving a vehicle similar to that driven by City employees.

This report has been turned over the Crawfordsville Police Department for investigation.

The City does not go door-to-door notifying people of their yards being in violation of City Code. If a property is in violation they would receive a written notice and then be given 10 days to correct the problem. A City employee would never knock on a resident’s door informing them of this.

Should anyone come to your door questioning you about a mowing concern who you think is suspicious please call the Crawfordsville Police Department at 362-3762.