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CFD Expanding Classes

CFD Expanding Classes Being Offered

The Crawfordsville Fire Department continues to be on the cutting edge of technology.

The department has teamed up with the South Montgomery School Corporation for since 2010 to offer a Fire and Rescue I class but this year it will be adding a Fire and Rescue II class. This class (Fire and Rescue I) is a dual credit class through Ivy Tech and students can earn up to 12 hours of college credit toward their certification. Seven to 10 Ivy Tech credits may be earned through Fire and Rescue II pending final approval by Ivy Tech Community College.

A trio of full-time Crawfordsville Fire Department firefighter/paramedics will teach this new class. Those three are Cody Haslam, Andy Davies and Sebastain Shriver. All have been with the department for either four or five years and are excited to provide this next step for area students.

Paul Miller, Division Chief of EMS, hope this program will continue to be a possible pipeline for new recruits for the Crawfordsville Fire Department and other local volunteer fire departments. Crawfordsville has employed three individuals who have gone through the West Central Fire Rescue I class.

“The Fire Rescue I program has been a great partnership between the City of Crawfordsville and the development of individuals who have decided they want to go into this line of work and by adding this new class we hope to see that continue,” Miller said.

The trio will take turns teaching the class based on their work rotation and will be coordinated by Pam Rager who is the West Central of Indiana Career and Technical Cooperative Education Director. While the classes will take place at Southmont High School, they are open to students from any of the three high schools in Montgomery County and Western Boone. The classes will run from 12:45 to 3 p.m. every day for the entire school year.

“We are very pleased and proud to continue to work with South Montgomery schools who continues to be the host school cooperation for the Public Service Cluster in this new endeavor,” Rager said.

All three of the instructors bring a great amount of experience, as they are currently part of the new SWAT program. They have experience in many other areas such as tactical training, military training, EMS training, firefighting training as well as coaching experience and all volunteers in other local activities.

“They are a great representation of our department in many ways,” Miller said.

In addition, all are excite to give back to the community.

“I went to Southmont and worked for the volunteer department at New Market, so I just want to be able to give back the community that means so much to me,” Haslam said.

“My little brother goes to Southmont and I just want to be a bigger part of the community,” Shriver said. “I love teaching and I want to teach people the right way to respond in these types of emergencies. It’s some I love and want to share.”

“It’s just a way to help to continue to improve our community,” Davies said. “It’s a way to get people trained and hopefully maybe make our community a little safer place to live. The more people who have training the better whether they decide to go into this field as a profession or maybe use their skills as part of our local volunteers departments.”

The trio will also be the instructors for a separate training program designed toward adults as well. It was just announced this week that the District 4 program has been approved. This is the first district-funded course offered in the state.

District Four includes Tippecanoe County and all the surrounding counties (for a total of nine). An EMT training course, which would normally cost individuals up to $1,000 to take, will be offered free of charge. This class will begin in the fall and run through the end of the year and will be four hours long once a week. It is designed for people who might want to become part of volunteer fire departments but don’t have the money to pay for the classes. Later in the year, a Fire Rescue I & II class will be offered as well.