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June Stellar Advisory Committee Update

June 18, 2018

On June 18, members of the Mayor’s Stellar Advisory Committee met for its monthly meeting. This month’s meeting took place at the Montgomery County Community Foundation. Mayor Barton noted that the committee would continue to schedule meetings at 10 a.m. on the third Monday of each month. He also noted that next month could be the final meeting before they would be moved into Fusion 54. Next month’s meeting is scheduled for Monday July 16 at the Montgomery County Community Foundation.



Ground was broken for Pike Place on April 5. Work began on the site on June 12. Dale Petrie said so far there have not been any obstacles. Most of the sidewalks and other concrete areas have already been ripped up. The entire area has been fenced off for safety reasons.

Pike Street from the Library parking lot to South Washington Street has been closed and will remained closed until the project is completed. The Farmer’s Market will utilize the library parking lot during this closure.

The current design has restroom facilities located in the southwest corner of the park. It will consist of two unisex/family restrooms with the outside resembling a train depot style format similar to the structure behind the Public Library. The restrooms are located on the ends of the structure with a small storage and utility area in between them. 

The majority of the grounds will be green space, while a permanent stage will go along the north edge of the property. This stage area will be covered and will be able to be used as a place to gather and eat or just sit and relax if no other events scheduled at the site.

The eastern side of the property (closest to South Washington Street) will have some trees to try to block out some of the noise from the street. Park Designer Catherine Puckett did say that has been a problem point, as they do not want to completely shut off the view of the park from the street area so some street noise will be heard.

Posts will be placed along the south side (near Pike Street) which will double as electrical outlets for the Farmers’ Market. The design also calls for swinging gates at both ends of Pike St, which will be used to close off the area when events are scheduled. The overall design was created so that the area can be used for as many different types and sizes of events as possible.

Dale Petrie, Director of Operations, announced this project continues to be on schedule.

The new roof was installed on May 4. Petrie said the fourth floor is mostly done, the carpet is being laid on the third floor, while the second and first floors were also moving along. Slides were shown of the various floors and how the work was progressing on each one.

The current schedule has the work to be substantially completed by late July and occupancy to take place in mid August.

The Visitors Bureau will occupy the set of offices on the first floor, while the second floor will be the space set aside for the co-working space. Wabash’s CIBE, WDPD, and Collaborative Performance Theater will occupy the third floor.  The Chamber of Commerce, Economic Development, Main Street, and Leadership Academy will all have offices on the fourth floor along with meeting, training, storage and display space.

Plans are being created for the operation of the co-working space, as well as membership and sponsorship plan document drafts.  Website and Facebook pages are being considered and should be up prior to opening.


Plenty of work has taken place at the Trailhead Park since the ground-breaking ceremony that took place on April 5.

Most of the concrete work is done. The front parking lot was milled this week. Landscaping is on hold for a while as the company scheduled to do that backed out and the contractor is trying to find another company to complete that work. That may not take place until late August or September.

The new park will be named the Dr. Philip Q. Michal Trailhead Park in memory of Dr. Michal who as Mayor of Crawfordsville initiated the first rail trail.  When construction is completed an official dedication in the former’s mayor’s name will be held.

The front part of the property (which is currently a parking lot) will continue to be a parking space for approximately 45 cars. The initial plan is for the property to be milled and then resurfaced.

The back half of the property will be turned into a green space. A shelter type building will be placed in the middle of the property separating the parking lot and the green space.  American Legion Post 72 has donated a flag pole to be erected in the park.

Several meetings have taken place with INDOT regarding the Downtown Trail and those discussions have gone well. This will likely be the last project completed because of its complexity and scope.

The project is ready to proceed and the City has asked for funding to be moved up to 2018 by INDOT. That request was denied so the project is scheduled to begin in July 2019.

The Downtown Trail has been separated into in two phases. Phase I will be beginning at the railroad tracks on South Grant and head north to Wabash, then east to Walnut Street then north to Main Street

The Phase I part of the project is moving forward and the designs are complete. The Mayor also said that they have met with all the property owners along the way and they all seem to be on board.

The trail will be 10 feet wide and will be on the east side of Grant and Walnut streets and will end at Main Street for this phase. This project is actually running a little ahead of schedule as INDOT funding will not be available until July of 2019.

This project is being developed carefully as it is critical to the health and future of downtown commerce.  If done correctly, this will further enhance the Wabash and downtown Crawfordsville connection. The goal is to allow for recreation while having a positive impact on the businesses in the area.



Mayor Barton has announced he has brought in Jim Rice with HWC to spear-head this project. He will be handling the bulk of the negotiations with CSX and LSC Communications from this point forward.

Mayor Barton said an off-load site for LSC Communications has been found. Should this site be accepted by all the parties involved, action could be moved forward.

A local firm, B & L Engineering has been brought in to help with this project. Once this plans are agreed upon CSX appears to be ready to eliminate the line as soon as possible.

The shift to try to fund this trail using private funding sources is still on-going. Mayor Barton said a couple of potential donors have been found and talk with them are on-going. A non-profit group will be created to help with funding this project as well as several other Park and Recreation related projects such as a possible Dog Park. They would be used to help secure grants for the Big 4 Trail and other park/recreational projects in the future. The objective of this project is to tie the existing Sugar Creek Trail and Downtown trails to the site of the Fusion 54 building and to Crawfordsville Middle School. 


The City and county are now working through the process to put this building into the hands of a new developer – John Anderson. Anderson has had his hand in this project to some degree for quite a while and the plans are pretty much the same as they has always been.  Now the county will go through the needed steps to give that property to a new developer who will continue down the path of the original intent for the building.

The plans still call for a restaurant on the ground level and hotel and/or apartment space on the upper floors.



Work has now been completed on the first three houses – 500 Whitlock, 408 Canby and 1009 S. Grant. The final inspections have taken place at these three houses on June 16.

The initial inspections have taken place at four more houses and work should be on those homes very soon.

A total of 15 houses have been inspected and those have been submitted to the state for approval. The contracts have been signed and work is expected to begin as early as next month. The contractors will have 12 months to complete the work on the houses. Each house can have up to $20,000 in repairs and upgrades at no cost to the homeowner.

The project is also looking to secure three more homes within the next month. Two are in the inspection process and the last one will not be chosen until all the work is done and we can see how much money there remains for the final house.

The Concord Road construction project has begun work according to Scott Hesler. In addition, the Sugar Creek Trail project construction should take place this summer beginning in July.


The Mayor announced that everyone can keep up-to-date on the Stellar projects in a couple of ways.

The first is on the City’s website ( where a button has been placed on the left side of the home page. It has the overall Stellar proposal and will be where residents can go for updated information as the City moves though the Stellar process. Recently added is a quarterly report that the City does when it meets with all the state agencies involved. This includes a timetable and some updated plans on some of the projects.

In addition, there will be an update in the local newspapers every quarter. The Mayor said he would be supplying an update to the local media soon as he feels it is important to keep the public up-to-date. He said the response to his newspaper columns has been very positive.

Also, the city has begun producing a series of videos update everyone on the different projects.  The first video featured the Mayor explaining the purpose and design of Fusion 54.  That video is now available on the city’s web page and on social media.  A second video covering the downtown parks is being edited and should be released very soon.

The next meeting of the Stellar Advisory Committee will take place at 10 a.m. July 16, 2018 at the Montgomery County Community Foundation.