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Spring Gymnastic Sign-Up Begins March 11

Crawfordsville Parks and Recreation


The sign-up for the Spring Crawfordsville Park and Recreation Department gymnastics classes will begin March 11. Spring classes will begin the week of April 1. All sessions will last seven weeks. The cost for all classes is $50.


3’s                               Monday                     10:00-10:30              Hanna/Kaitlyn 

                                   Monday                     3:45-4:15                 Hanna/Kaitlyn

4&5’s                         Monday                      4:30-5:15                  Kaitlyn

                                  Wednesday                5:00-5:45                   Jade


Beginner 1              Monday                     5:30-6:30                  Kaitlyn

                               Monday                     6:45-7:45                   Kaitlyn

                               Wednesday               6:00-7:00                   Jade

Beginner 2              Thursday                  5:30-6:30                  Marka

                               Thursday                  6:45-7:45                   Marka

Intermediate         Tuesday                     5:30-6:30                  Marka

Advanced               Tuesday                     6:45-7:45                   Marka