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Where can I purchase Trash Stickers?
Both Krogers, both Tri-County Locations, Walmart, Utility Office, or the Street Department
How many containers will be emptied at no charge?
None. There is a $2.00 (one $2.00 yellow sticker or four $0.50 orange stickers) charge for each bag up to 10 bags. Bags may not exceed 33 gallons and shall not weigh more than 40 pounds.
How will apartments or condos be handled?
Each apartment must set bags and containers separate from others.
What about yard waste?
Yard Waste will not be picket up by the sanitation trucks. The Crawfordsville Yard Waste Site at 1151 N. Whitlock Ave. will be open 8:00 am - 4:00 pm 7 days a week. Containers should be emptied and removed from the site and only leaves, grass, or limbs left. The City will continue to haul leaves from the street in the fall.
What is the minimum number of stickers you can purchase?
A $5.00 minimum (5 stickers) at the City Building and Street Department, Grocery Stores set their own policy.
How will people get stickers if they can't get out?
Have family or friends pick them up at the City Building or when they buy groceries.
How do you best apply stickers to a plastic bag?
Apply stickers to the top half of the bag while empty, dry, and room temperature. Place bags with the stickers clearly visible so the sanitation men can readily see it when they arrive.
Results 1-7 of 7