The City of Crawfordsville, Indiana

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1982 Crawfordsville Police Department

Front Row(left to right);Det. Lt. Rick Wilson, Capt. Clarence Taylor, Commissioner Claude Johnson, Commissioner John VanMatre, Mayor Glenn Knecht, Commissioner Conrad Harvey, Chief Carlos Goode, Lt. Gary Bell, Lt. David Johnson, Lt. Bill Clements;Second Row (left to right); Patrolman Mike Page, Patrolman Mike Bridge, Patrolman David Meadows, Det. Sgt. Steve Yeager, Secretary Candy Woodall, Secretary Donna Devitt, Dispatcher Michele Borden, Dispatcher Karen Goode, Metermaid Valerie Boraker, Metermaid Cyndy Fields, Metermaid Linda Catterson, Dispatcher Phyllis Miller, Dispatcher Lisa Ford, Dispatcher Jackie Kellerman, Det. Sgt. Bob Peterman, Patrolman Jim Sessions, Patrolman Art Chrisman, Patrolman Harvey Barton;Third Row (left to right); Patrolman Jim Tague, Patrolman V. Ron Whipple, Patrolman Alan Plunkett, Patrolman Larry McMullen, Patrolman Hal Utterback, Sgt. Tom Taylor, Patrolman Jeff Line, Sgt. Mike Lohorn, Sgt. Mike Clark, Patrolman Ray Nash, Patrolman Russell Brown, Patrolman Rick French,Patrolman Bob Bowman

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