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Personal Training


This program is designed to help the beginning exerciser get started. Your personal fitness trainer will teach you what you need to know about strength training and cardiovascular exercise to reach your personal goals. Call to set up an appointment.

4 Sessions - $88 city resident / $93 non-resident

8 Sessions - $176 city resident / $186 non-resident

12 Sessions - $264 city resident / $279 non-resident

We also have buddy rates available if you don't want to do personal training alone! With buddy rates, both people pay a lower rate:

4 sessions - $66 per city resident / $71 per non-resident

8 sessions - $132 per city resident / $142 per non-resident


Put yourself to the test with a variety of assessments to determine your overall fitness level. Compare your results to nationally established norms. Discover your strengths as well as the areas in need of improvement. Tests include: Cardiovascular endurance, muscular endurance, blood pressure, and body composition (% body fat). Call to set up an appointment.

COST: $15


Put you workouts to the test and find out how you measure up against national standards.

COST: $5

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Fawn Johnson,
Director of Parks and Recreation
922 E South Blvd
Crawfordsville, IN 47933
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